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Hiring a company to thoroughly accomplish your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs can be an ordeal. However, at SDP Plumbing we are equally skilled with servicing any issue related to heating, cooling, and plumbing. Residential and commercial businesses in Lowell receive first-rate repair and installations for water heaters, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and AC units. Our team quickly diagnoses the cause of general repairs and replacements then arranges an affordable and cost-efficient proposal. Clients are also given a discount if they place a repair date over the weekend and wait until Monday. Apart from the budget-friendly nature of our services, our repairs and replacement extend from general maintenance to extensive installations, like AC units.

Emergency Services Do Not Have to be Worrisome

The reality for appliances like AC units or dishwasher is that there is never a good time for them to start working. In fact, they tend to breakdown around holidays or other important family get-togethers. It can be hard to gauge the life span of these appliances and inspections can be dangerous without the help of professionals. SDP Plumbing’s technicians are dedicated to safe, friendly, and by-the-books maintenance for plumbing, heating, and cooling devices.

Emergency water heater services rank high in contracted work for Lowell residents. Before the fall season hits, it might be time to have your water heater looked at to avoid a heating catastrophe. Many of the signs of failing water heaters are visible long before the unit needs to be replaced. Typically, the water heater tank produces a persistent booming noise that indicates sediment buildup. This issue is typically not a hazard to the unit if homeowners contact our plumbers before other problems arise.

Water heaters may also leak water and short circuit if the water touches the wiring. Essentially, smaller issues with water heater tanks can quickly escalate into an emergency if they are ignored. The tricky aspect with electrical wiring is that a wire may loose from the circuit board, but not visible until water leaks cause a deadly electrical charge. Like most issues with home appliances, water heaters are not dangerous unless homeowners intentionally ignore the warning signs. Air conditioning units are another costly and sensitive machine that has many working parts that keep your home cool and livable during the summer.


Like water heaters, AC units can drastically affect energy and maintenance bills if homeowners let them fail. If AC units are overworked or poorly maintained, Lowell residents are in danger of facing several mechanical issues. Every summer, our clients urgently contact us about overheated homes and more serious problems, such as leaking refrigerants. Keeping a close eye on the performance of air conditioners will alert you to air conditioning problems long before hefty maintenance bills occur. In the case of leaking refrigerants or damaged AC coils, homeowners should never allow pets and children around the vicinity of the unit. The AC unit will produce audible hissing sounds during the scenario of a refrigerant leak.

Apart from the more visible symptoms of a broken AC unit, they might not provide cool air if refrigerant levels are depleted, filters are dirty, and the condensing fan is breaking down. AC units are easily hazarded by letting the machine run with older parts and a lack of refrigerants. Sometimes the signs of a malfunctioning AC unit may be suitable—yet over time, energy bills will slowly spike. It is important, especially when purchasing a new home, to inquire about the AC unit’s last maintenance date and its date of installation. Apart from AC units and water heaters, we repair and service many other home appliances—including dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, and showers.


SDP Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Inc. are proud to provide the highest quality services at the most competitive rates. To learn more about our SDP Plumbing is home fixture installation specialists—capable of emergency installations and maintenance regardless of the time and circumstance. Some homeowners inherit a new home with older appliances and fixtures, such as dishwashers and washing machines. Unfortunately, they may not have been alerted to broken valves that cause leaks with washing machines. Whether washing machines need new belts or a pump motor, or the customer wishes to have a new machine installed—we are acknowledged as washing machine experts. Dishwashers provide a lot of convenience and cleanliness for a functional home. Unsanitized dishes can lead to health problems and extra chores during after-work hours. Our Lowell plumbers and technicians value the collective comfort and luxury of a well-serviced home, beginning with heating, cooling, and home appliances.

When it is time to purchase a new washing machine, many Lowell residents may feel overwhelmed with installing the unit. It might be simple enough to maneuver the washing machine through a door, but all the steps involved with plugging in the water supply hoses and activating the valves are a little more technical. Our technicians have worked with washing machines many times before and simplify the installation process. Furthermore, making sure your new unit is energy efficient requires the help of a trusted plumbing company. From start to finish, we will make sure all the parts are correctly installed, heavy labor is minimized, and the unit operates efficiently.

Like dishwashers and washing machines, there are several steps with properly installing a new stainless faucet for your Lowell kitchen or bathroom. It is very straightforward to remove the old faucet but connecting the new parts to the existing sink can be a little tricky. Once the sink is discarded and the water supply line is shut off, our plumbers will scrub down the sink areas and measure the faucet holes before we insert the gasket. The new faucet will then be placed in the gasket and tightened so that it is not loose or slack in the hole. Once the sink is properly fitted and the nuts are tightened underneath the sink, our plumber will then reconnect the water supply lines and test the faucet. If everything checks out, we will properly discard of the old faucet and address any lingering concerns or questions. Often, installing new faucets is part of a kitchen or bathroom remodel package. If you are interested, we have laid out how remodels are customized.

Customizable Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels by SDP Plumbing

One of the most memorable parts of purchasing a new Lowell home is envisioning how remodels will really make it feel like home. Whether the appliances feel outdated or the toilets and sinks do not flush and drain properly, we are here to make sure that your home is livable according to a customizable plan. Bathroom remodels are suited to the individual needs of our clients. If all the appliances in the bathrooms are out of date or do not match your preferred style, we can work together with selecting the appliances from a hardware store. Restoring sewer line systems can be included in the package and may precede fixture installations. The goal for any remodels is to make sure the style, efficiency, and lifespan of appliances are long-lasting. Our company seeks to maximize the wishes of our clients, which extends to setting up new water heater units.

A Tankless or Traditional Water Heater? The Choice is Yours

There are many reasons for Lowell homeowners to consider investing in both a traditional and tankless water heater. The fundamental difference between both models ties into energy usage. If one of our clients has a growing family, the traditional heater will keep them well supplied with hot water. However, the tankless heater may be suited for smaller families, or spouses that are seeking retirement. SDP Plumbing defines tankless heaters as the future for energy-saving home units, but sometimes traditional methods of energy consumption work just fine. Listed are the key differences between tankless and traditional water heaters.

Traditional water heaters store as much as fifty gallons of hot water that fuels many home appliances—like baths, sinks, and dishwashers. The hot water is heated by gas instead of electricity, which takes a bit more time for the lukewarm water to convert into hot water. Homeowners typically do not have to worry about a lack of hot water with traditional water heaters, which is certainly a sales point. Traditional water heaters may require more service with the storage tank and electrical since they can become a hazard to families if they leak or malfunction.

Compared to traditional heaters, tankless heaters are compact, fueled by electricity, and overall less of nuisance regarding repairs and size. They have a preset amount of hot water that does not reach the fifty-gallon limit of traditional heaters. However, they can fit into supply closets and even open up valuable storage space in garages. You will also not have to wait a few minutes before your workday starts to receive a hot shower if the water source is exhausted. The benefits for tankless heaters are efficiency, reduced wait for warm water, less maintenance, and an overall longer life span than traditional heaters.

Homeowners may think there is a right or wrong choice with choosing a tankless or traditional water heater. However, the choice revolves around preference—whether your family will quickly use up fifty gallons of water or need to cut back on energy costs. Apart from all these great heating, cooling, and remodeling services that SDP plumbing provides, we are still dedicated to fixing sewer line issues.

Sewer Line Repair Services

Sewer line leaks can be a deadly issue if the foul contents of sewer lines seep into the soil or flood basements. It takes not only a trusted and dedicated plumber to conduct sewer repairs, but a company that is equipped to handle threatening emergencies. SDP Plumbing follows strict guidelines with any major or minor peak leaks. We ensure the following values and rules are followed every time we solve Lowell sewer line leaks.

  • Value Number One: Client safety comes first. When a pipe breaks and raw sewage floods everywhere, we will immediately ensure the safety and well-being of our clients. Once clients and their pets are at a safe distance from the toxic sewer contents, we will then clean up the mess and begin repairs.
  • Value Number Two: We will always be transparent. Especially with sewer line leaks, our competitor companies may hold back on crucial information. Sometimes it can be hard for plumbers to tell their clients that they need to immediately replace their sewer lines. We will always give our clients the best advice regarding sewer line breaks.
  • Value Number Three: We strive to save money and time. Not being transparent with our clients can jeopardize them financially if we have to return soon after to correct a mistake or continue a job. By providing the best sewer line repairs with special financing packages, we will help you save money by preventing future repairs.

Few companies define and live by their core values like SDP Plumbing. When it comes to delicate and potentially hazardous sewer line repairs, these values are followed with each and every repairs. We are available today for more information about how we conduct these repairs and how they ultimately serve to strengthen the lifespan of your sewer line system.

Work with the Best Plumbing Company in Lowell, MA

Contracting a plumbing company with a full package of heating, cooling, and plumbing services is a rare opportunity. Many companies are too specialized with servicing sewer line systems or lack general knowledge about HVAC units. If you are selling your home or settling into a new one, we can inspect all these units to make sure they are in tip-top shape. Lowell residents ultimately receive more home security with their sewer lines and HVAC units and able to save more money with our help! Check out our other webpages or contact us directly if you have any urgent questions about any of our services.

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